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Cascadia Spa Products serves select spas, hotels, and specialty shops who want to reflect their unique business style through product customization and private labeling. Whether you are looking for back bar or retail, we can make your product vision a reality.



Our collaborative process helps you quickly select ingredients, packaging, and labeling. The Certified Master Clinical Aromatherapist will even offer scent options.



Your business is unique, your spa products should be too. At Cascadia Spa, the realization of your vision is our highest mission.

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Natural Options

The ingredients in your customized products are entirely your choice. Whether you choose synthetic or natural options, Cascadia Spa is prepared to help. Being closely involved with the beauty industry allows us to stay on top of consumer demands so we can help you in meeting them. Learn more about your options and the process.


Commitment to Excellence

Our Certified Master Clinical Aromatherapist ensures stringent quality and attention to detail throughout the product formulation and creation process. This commitment to excellence allows Cascadia Spa to forge enduring relationships built upon collaboration, knowledge and superior service for our customers and community.


Customer Service

Business can be unpredictable. But you can always count on Cascadia Spa to be there when you need us. Existing customers have access to 24/7 customer service. And while standard delivery is 2-3 weeks after an order is placed, emergency orders can be rushed in as little as 7 days for existing customers. Contact us and learn how Cascadia Spa can serve you.